Happy Fathers Day! A note to black fathers

Young people

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads! I feel that we need our black fathers to be present and in their children’s lives more than ever.

Unemployment, lack of opportunities & racism battles

We know that some of the problems our black families & young black people go through- unemployment, mental illness, restricted access to opportunities- are linked to society and the racism battles we still face.

But nothing can replace having a strong black father in the home, who has wisdom, love of our culture & emotional intelligence; showing their daughters not to settle for bad relationships and showing their sons that joining a gang is not the path to take.

Step up Black Fathers – it’s time!

When I see the knife crime in the UK, I want to hear that black fathers are working to stop their sons falling into crime. Come on black fathers -you have to step up, it’s time! We need our black fathers to support the mothers who sometimes battle to raise their children well. So to all the black fathers, Happy Fathers Day and please, please, do all you can to encourage our young people to make the best of & do better with their lives. Your children need you.

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