It’s ok if you don’t feel strong…right now.

Not feeling strong

Shock, anger, fear, worry, stress, being tired. Right now we are feeling every emotion a human being could every experience. Seeing the evil brutal murder of George Floyd and knowing others have died the same way, without justice being done is just too much. We are beyond exhausted. Talking about it, thinking about it is too much. Trying to understand why some white people hate us so much is draining our energy. It can deplete our spirit.

The strong black woman

Yes we know we’re strong. Us black women are known for our strength and we often pride ourselves on having this strength. Racism and life experiences have shown us that we have to be strong to make it through this life.

But sometimes we just don’t want to be strong. Right now it’s hard to feel strong when racism and this latest brutal murder creates tears in your eyes. So if you’re angry, be angry. If you want to cry, then cry.

Feel what you feel…right now

Our ancestors, our foremothers, grandmothers and mothers didn’t have anyone asking about their feelings or wellbeing. Often they didn’t know how to vocalise it. Expressing these feelings and opening up to someone wasn’t seen as something black people would do. During the slavery, our feelings and emotions were definitely never considered.

We now live in different times and can find someone, even outside of our family, to listen to us. The best advice I can give to you and for myself, is to be honest about how you feel right now. This isn’t the time to suppress and stifle our emotions and feelings. Our people have had to do that for too long. We deserve better for our emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Don’t let this world kill your spirit

Take care of you, give yourself time and if you don’t feel like a strong black woman right now, that’s ok. Give yourself space to feel what you want to feel. It’s the only way we can get through this. Stay blessed, stay focused and do not let racism and this world kill your spirit.

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