Taking Care of Her Business: Black Women in Business Video Series


I told you recently about my latest project – Taking Care of Her Business Video Series, where I’d be interviewing black women in business – creating and managing their career paths. The videos are now live so come and watch some of the 2-minute clips below:

So who can you expect to see in each video?

Women who work in HR, Emotional Intelligence Coaching and an Entrepreneur in the start-up phase of her business and others.

Doing this series, has been a great opportunity to hear from the women like us – black women working to create better lives for themselves and their future

Black women have been ‘hidden’ for too long in the Western world. Whether it’s having our achievements overlooked, being sidelined at work or white society treating us ‘like we don’t exist’, “Taking Care of Her Business” is a look at black women like you and me who don’t deserve to be hidden.

We know that our legacy and culture is not from the business or corporate environment that the white Western world still owns. But for all the hard work, commitment and dedication that we often provide at work, we aren’t always rewarded fairly or equally (when compared to white people).  So here’s some videos I produced while interviewing black women who have overcome personal and professional challenges to create the careers they want and deserve.

A huge thank you to the women who took the time to be interviewed – Emotional Intelligence Coach, Flo Awolaja – Creative Entrepreneur, Dianne Greyson – HR Mediation Consultant – I really appreciate their help and support.

Scroll down to watch some of the 2-minute clips from the videos and you can watch the full length interviews here.

Jacqueline A.Hinds – Emotional Intelligence Coach and Leadership Coach MA (HRD) CEIC MCIPD

After building a sold career path in IT and training, Jacqueline went on to create her own business as an Emotional Intelligence Coach. During the interview she talks about the “importance of being able to forgive before moving forward” and knowing “when your aspirations are waiting for you”. Us women know what it’s like to sometimes feel like we’re not good enough. Jacqueline also has a few tips to help you remember “that you are good enough!”. Watch the clips below:





Flo Awolaja – Creative Entrepreneur and Graphic Designer and creative entrepreneur

Watch Flo talk about her transition from Graphic Designer to small business owner. She’s done a lot of juggling – being a mother, working full-time and keeping her ‘side-hustle’ going. While she’s kept her creative spirit and talents alive, Flo talks about why it’s important to “build your confidence and grow into yourself” to create and build your business. Watch the clips below:



Dianne Greyson – Director of Equilibrium Mediation Consulting.

Her passion for working with people has been a constant throughout Dianne’s career. Starting out in HR and recruitment, while studying gave her the experience to start her HR Consultancy and Mediation business. Dianne talks about something a lot of us have been through – “being the only black person in the department” and this “must not be the norm”.

With a strong passion for Equality and Diversity, she talks about why Diversity is more than just a word and why we must be included in the conversation.  Watch the clips below:






Want to watch the full length interviews? Visit the full interviews page to see them all.

I look forward to hearing what you think about these videos, so please leave a comment below.

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