When black men disrespect black women

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I don’t often share stories about black men who are negative about black women -because I believe it’s better to spend my time supporting black women. Taye Diggs recent comments really annoyed me…

He blames black women for the reason why he ‘can’t mess with white girls’ anymore. Mess with?! Yeah nice turn of phrase Mr Diggs. Why blame us black women for his previous marriage and dating choices? We can’t stop him from being with whoever he wants to.

Where is the love, brothers?

But yes it does make me angry when black men turn against us. It makes me particularly angry when we black women often support black men and don’t get the same support in return. I’ve often seen the attacks by some of the media on black women but where are the black men standing up for us? It has often disappointed me when the black male voice has been severely lacking in showing their support for black women.

But when black men are attacked, us black women often run to their defence. We are there cheering them on, showing support and telling the world to ‘back off’ and not try to bring our men down. You only need to look at the situation in America when police officers have shot and killed black men in the streets; black women have been incredibly vocal is speaking up for them. So come on brothers- I think it’s time for you to do the same for us in return – support us too!

My last point – that fool…

I posted this as Taye Diggs is clearly another fool who wants to ‘drag us down’. As I said above, I’m not interested in letting these fools hold us back (black or white). Us black women have so much to give and don’t need the men who should be supporting us, making feel like we are not good enough.

I hope this encourages black women to keep rising – no matter what ‘negative’ black men think. #Blackwomen  #Afrowomanonline  #Blackwomenrising


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