Why I believe the Black Women Sisterhood does exist


I had a great time having afternoon tea with some of the Afrowoman community.

As the Thrive & Strive Network continues to grow, I have been enjoying meeting some of the fantastic women who support Afrowoman Online. As we talk about any ups and downs and new things happening in our lives, I always go home smiling.

I smile not only ’cause of the jokes (yes we laugh a lot!) but being amongst these women who share my goals of being prosperous and productive in every area of their lives – it’s creating the best feeling ever 🙂

I’m feeling blessed & inspired to meet these women who show me that the Black Women Sisterhood does exist. Ladies you are the best 😀  #BlackWomenRising

Take a look at the Thrive & Strive Meetup group – feel free to join us or take a look at the pictures.

Just to show you the lovely Afternoon Tea we had, here it is:

Afrowoman Afternoon tea

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