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Kerise at Nail Candy 101 found time in her busy schedule to give me top tips to make your our Summer nails look their best. Read on to get your nails in the best shape ever…..

Summertime fashion and beauty is usually dominated with bold, bright colors. Not only is your skin on display but your Kerise Picturefingernails and toes are also making a statement with brightly painted nails is fun but if your nail beds aren’t in the best shape, this can get your nails noticed for all of the wrong reasons. Thankfully there are many products on the market to help achieve and maintain healthy, strong nails. Kerise (pictured right), has some great tips on the best Summer nails.

Regardless of your budget, today you will learn how to find the right products at the right price to create the perfect summer manicure.
It’s All About That Base
To start, wash your hands and follow up with a nail polish remover to ensure your nail beds are perfectly clean. It is important to use a nail polish remover with essential oils that will hydrate and condition your nails after use. The Bourjois Magic Nail polish remover is a great option as it removes polish in seconds on fingers and toes. The Dior Polish Remover Abricot is an acetone-free solution that provides nourishment as well as hydration that will help to strengthen your nails.

Using a great base coat will not only protect your nails from nail polish staining but also add extra treatment benefits to your nail beds. It will also help to cover any ridges and create a smooth base. The Nails Inc NailKale Superfood Base Coat adds all the healthy benefits of kale in your nails to strengthen and lengthen them.

Nail files help to shape the edges of our nails and seal them in to prevent chipping and splits. The very best on the market is the Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File. There are no alternatives that can match the performance and the difference this will make to your nails.


Top It Off

A great top coat adds a high gloss finish, seals in colour with an even coat and protects your nails from easy chips. The Models Own Hyper Gel Top Coat is perfect for creating a gel-like finish to your nails with an amazing shine. The Butter London Hardwear P.D Quick Top Coat not only dries in record time, but also acts as a shield to protect nails from easy wear and tear.


Cuticle Care
Maintaining great cuticles makes nails appear longer and healthier. Using a great product like the OPI Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil has avocado and other nurturing ingredients to soothe and improve the growth of stronger, hydrated nails. This is to be used as often as possible to promote healthy, moisturised fingers and nails.
Colour Power
Vibrant colours in summer are a must! This year coral and blue hues are very much everywhere in summer nail polish collections. There are great choices to match any budget. My personal favourites are the Essie Peach Side Babe and the Chanel Méditerranée nail lacquers. With perfectly prepped and polished nails, you’re manicure is now the best accessory for your summer looks.

So go on get those nails Summer ready and start showing them off. Send me a picture of your nails at @Afrowoman1 (Twitter) or email:

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