Dispelling the myth that Black people can’t do business or customer service

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Disclaimer I’m not getting paid for this post – the business owner didn’t know I was posting this:

I ordered for the second time the Hair & Body Butter and Body Oil by Botanicals by Brina. After my first trial products I’ve fallen in love with how the products feel on my skin and hair. Just lovely. The customer service has also been excellent. I received order acknowledgments and an update when the orders were received and dispatched.

Black people’s reputation in business

This might seem like no big deal to other people and races but for too long Black people have had bad reputations for the businesses they run. Some of this has been justified (yes I’ve lost chunks of my life waiting at the hairdresser who failed to book appointments at anytime!).

But we are now in a time where a lot of Black people have recognised that without good customer service, they won’t have a business for long. I believe today’s #Blackwomenbusinessowners are at the for front of this improved way of thinking and behaving.

Our culture and legacy

I always think that we come from a culture/legacy of African and Caribbean people who had to sell the food they’d grown or make products to sell at markets. A lot of them could have probably run business schools for us! I might be ‘scarred’ from the hairdressers ‘experience’ but I still believe that business is in our blood too.

Shout-out to Brina – and other Black small business owners

So, I’m giving a shout-out to Brina. A Black woman with a small business who has built a beautiful brand and range of products, while making sure her customer service is on point. As we’re in the #christmas season for me it’s another way to support our community and #Blackpeople #smallbusiness owners, especially in these difficult times. If you want to check out Brina’s products, her website is: https://www.botanicalbybrina.com/

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