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Black women in Business sharing insight & advice on starting and running their businesses.

Take a look at the latest videos from the Taking Care of Her Business Series. Inspiration and insight from black business women, sharing their experiences for anyone who wants to follow in their footsteps or just needs a boost.

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Leanne Armstrong – Graphic Designer & Owner of Leanne Creative

Leanne Creative

After she took her first steps in creativity with dancing and writing, Leanne fell in love with the world of design. She found herself in space where she could grow and develop her creative skills to become a Graphic Designer. From working for corporates and then taking freelance opportunities, she’s now the proud owner of Leanne Creative – her own Graphic Design and Creative business.

Leanne is proud to be a woman who not only uses her creative skills to put some beauty into this world but to give a message about the Black people. Her designs empower Black people to remind us we are Kings and Queens and to show the world our diversity – that we are complex with rich and beautiful histories. Watch the full length interview and the clips to hear about how Leanne is blazing a trail for Black women in the creative industry.

Dianne Greyson – Director of Equilibrium Mediation Consulting.

Dianne Greyson

Her passion for working with people has been a constant throughout Dianne’s career. Starting out in HR and recruitment, while studying gave her the experience to start her HR Consultancy and Mediation business. Dianne talks about something a lot of us have been through – “being the only black person in the department” and this “must not be the norm”.

With a strong passion for Equality and Diversity, she talks about why Diversity is more than just a word and why we must be included in the conversation. Watch Dianne’s full interview and her short video clips.

Maria Bradford – African Cuisine Expert, Professional Chef & Fine Dining business Entrepreneur

Maria Bradford interview

Transitioning from a career in Accountancy to becoming an expert in African cuisine, Maria Bradford is not a woman to stand still.  Maria has worked hard to develop her business and brand – Maria Bradford Kitchen at her own kitchen table and to make sure her food is authentic.

Maria is proud to have developed a brand created with real African flavor, that’s also educating the English palette. Watch the video to hear her speak about creating her product (chilli sauce)  and why being a trail blazer in the fine dining sector means she will always be proud to represent for black people and business. Watch Maria’s full interview and her short video clips.

Daniella Blechner – Owner of Conscious Dreams Publishing business.

Daniella interview

Daniella Blechner is a lady who is on a mission to empower anyone to tell their story. While running her publishing business, she coaches people to understand why they should tell their story.

She is an inspiration for black women as she inspires them to honour  and find value in the stories they have to tell. Watch her video to her how she got started and why she believes more black people should be at the table telling our stories. Watch Daniella’s full interview and her short video clips.

Flo Awolaja – Creative Entrepreneur and Graphic Designer and creative entrepreneur

Flo Awolaja

Watch Flo talk about her transition from Graphic Designer to small business owner. She’s done a lot of juggling – being a mother, working full-time and keeping her ‘side-hustle’ going.

While she’s kept her creative spirit and talents alive, Flo talks about why it’s important to “build your confidence and grow into yourself” to create and build your business. Watch Flo’s full interview and her short video clips.

Jacqueline A.Hinds – Emotional Intelligence Coach and Leadership Coach MA (HRD) CEIC MCIPD

After building a sold career path in IT and training, Jacqueline went on to create her own business as an Emotional Intelligence Coach. During the interview she talks about the “importance of being able to forgive before moving forward” and knowing “when your aspirations are waiting for you”.

Us women know what it’s like to sometimes feel like we’re not good enough. Jacqueline also has a few tips to help you remember “that you are good enough!”. Watch Jacqueline’s full interview and her short video clips.

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