A Black Woman’s Voice Campaign

For this year’s Black History Month, I wanted to remember those black women who have used their voice to create change and promote a positive message for people and black women. When I started thinking about these voices and their words, I found so many! So I had to whittle it down to the ones which were the most powerful to me.I ran this campaign across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, Instagram and it really made me smile to see the reactions and chat with some of you about the quotes I posted.

A voice, our history & our culture

Using these voices was a way for me to remember our history and culture in another way. It will always be important to me to honour and remember our slave ancestors. But I wanted to use these voices, some from modern times to show how the black woman’s spirit has endured.

I recently wrote about a Black Woman’s Voice being heard. This Blog brought me comfort in knowing that our voice cannot be ignored by the Western world anymore. Enjoy reading the quotes below and leave a comment below to let me know if you think of any others.

This world has often treated black people like we have to strip away who we really are to succeed.

I find the words of this Beyoncé song a great a reminder of holding onto who are or risk loosing everything. Right now us black women must use our voices. 

Beyonce running voice memeI had to include Ms Jackson in my Black Woman’s Voice Campaign.

A reminder that no matter what the world tries to tell black people we are a vibrant, strong and blessed people and yes you must “you must stay strong my Sister”.

Janet Jackson voice meme

We black women have often gone unnoticed for all the hard work we do and positive contributions we make to society.

This song sums up the feeling for me – if society doesn’t recognise us that won’t stop us making progress. Yes Jennifer!

Jennifer Hudson voice meme

There isn’t much more I can add to this – words to keep us going in the most difficult of times.

Always needed & thank you Maya 🙂
Maya voice memeNina Simone was right about the point below.

Whether it’s bad jobs, relationships, people or situations – Sometimes walking away is the only option. Thank you Nina!

Nina Simone voice meme

Dear Black Women & Girls…..

Finally, if I can add my own; I shared this on social media and enjoyed having conversations with a lot of you about it. Something I often think about for myself and reminds me that even when I’m the only black face in the room, I deserve to be there too.

Dear Black women & girls voice meme

Leave a comment below and tell me which Black Woman’s Voice helps you, especially in difficult times. She doesn’t have to be famous, could be someone close to you too.

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