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Cynthia Adjei is the Brand Owner & Director of Hair By Syn Ltd – a brand providing beautiful wigs for Black women to transform their style, hair and beauty. While managing her busy brand and serving her customers, Cynthia took time out of her busy schedule to talk about how her brand plays a big part in supporting Black women’s beauty needs and our ability to change our hair styles really fast:

1. How did you get started with your business?

Like many black women, I love switching up my hairstyle to suit my mood, occasion etc. My hair journey has had its up and downs but mostly ups. The downside is a lot of the protective styles available has led to hair breakage, traction alopecia around my edges. For me, choosing a hairstyle needed to fit in with my busy lifestyle. I’m a business owner of a skin care brand DW Aesthetics and mum of 2. My hair needs to look ready for any occasion and as such Hair By Syn was created.

2. Did you have experience with wigs or hair styling?

My experience with wigs is based on my 25 years of wearing wigs & braids.

3. How important is it to have a quality look and feel for your product?

My wigs reflect the standards I incorporate into everything I do. Delivering high quality hair & comfortability is essential for all day wear. The aim is to provide wigs that delivers convenience, time saving for the busy woman. At the same time, looking good and ready for any occasion. The wigs have been designed using breathable lace and the headband is made from high quality, soft satin ribbon to protect your edges from friction and ultimately hair loss. Soft and stretchy to protect your hairline and allow the skin to breath.

4. How do you feel/think that Black women wearing wigs now compares to wearing wigs in the past?

As black women, we have a complicated relationship with our hair. We have been wearing wigs as far back as ancient Egypt.

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The practice of wearing wigs in the past and today can be understood through several lenses, including cultural, social, and individual perspectives. In the past, Black women often wore wigs to conform to Eurocentric beauty standards that favoured straight hair. Wigs were sometimes seen as a means of assimilation and acceptance in predominantly white societies. Today, many Black women wear wigs for a variety of reasons, including convenience, protective styling, and fashion. Wearing wigs can be a form of self-expression and a way to experiment with different hairstyles.

5. In the past, some people have said that Black women wearing wigs/weaves means “you don’t love your own natural hair”. How do you feel about this?

In recent years, there has been a growing movement promoting natural hair and embracing the beauty of natural Black hair. This has contributed to a shift in attitudes and reduced the pressure on Black women to conform to traditional beauty standards.

The natural hair movement has empowered many Black women to wear their natural hair proudly, but it’s important to recognize that personal choices around hair, including wearing wigs, are diverse and multifaceted.

It’s important to recognize that the choice to wear a wig is a personal one and varies among individuals. While some Black women choose to embrace natural hair, others may prefer wearing wigs for their convenience, versatility, or style. The perception of Black women wearing wigs has evolved as society’s understanding of beauty, identity, and self-expression has evolved. Ultimately, the most important factor is that black women are free to make choices about their appearance that make them feel confident and comfortable.

6. What trends do you see in wearing wigs for today’s Black woman?

Black woman are the largest consumers of hair wigs and extension according to Mintel research 2019. The industry is worth billions as such, innovative technology that continue to develop patterns like our hair types such as coils and kinks, makes human hair wigs much more inclusive and makes the wearing of wigs more enjoyable.

Wigs will continue to be a popular choice for black woman because of its versatility. We already know that wigs allow for quick changes in hairstyles and colour without the commitment of chemical treatments or heat styling. Different textures and styles are widely available, but we still have some way to go in producing textures that mimic our hair type.

Wigs serve as a protective style to safeguard our natural hair from daily manipulation, heat damage, and environmental stressors. Many black women use wigs to promote hair health and growth.

7- What’s your advice for any Black women who want to try wearing a wig for the first time?

I would suggest a headband wig. It is easy to put on and take off, making it a beginner-friendly option. You don’t have to be a professional stylist to put on a headband wig. It not only features a user-friendly design but also comes with Velcro straps that allow for easy and secure attachment. Moreover, it doesn’t need much styling in the front, and no glue is needed to install the wig. Installing a headband wig takes a matter of seconds, so it’s a great option for first-time users or beginners.

8 – What can we expect to see next from Hair By Syn in the future?

I’m really excited for the potential of my new venture. We may add more natural wig styles and haircare products to nourish and protect the hair underneath the wigs.

Take a look at Cynthia trying her wigs in this video:


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