Christmas stress and Wellness Wednesday don’t mix!

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It’s here – Christmas season has arrived and the feeling of being constantly busy has started. I’ve been Christmas shopping. You know when you’re looking at different presents three times over. Or you go to four different shops and see the same products and still think you can’t find anything suitable.

What happened to Wellness Wednesday


My Christmas shopping – that’s what happened πŸ˜€ Like alot of you ladies, it’s been a busy few weeks juggling work, catching up with people and organising and buyimg presents .

All this running around and busyness meant that I didn’t prepare my material for Wellness Wednesday. So I forgot to use my own Wellness advice πŸ™‚ Nothing as humbling as recognising when you need to take your own advice, So after all this running around like a headless chicken, what advice would I give to myself?

My 3 pieces of advice to ease some of the Christmas stress

  1. Be honest about how much you are doing. Is everything really urgent? Can you have some of the Christmas shopping delivered?
  2. Do you have to do it all alone or now? It’s good to clean the house but can the kids or your husband/partner help?
  3. Whose opinion are you listening to or worried about? Are you worried that the in-laws will judge your home? Or that the shops will run out of the brand label food or expensive presents?

Hold onto your peace – no matter what

I think what I’m saying is you have to find a way to hold onto your peace of mind. The demands of work, home and family can all make you feel like you should put yourself last. But I’m learning that you have to keep yourself at the top of the list. Find a way to take time, no matter how brief, to do something good for yourself. Perhaps you need to stop and breathe for a few minutes. Or ignore emails and social media, while you wrap presents.

I know it’s easier said than done. I spent a whole evening wrapping presents! Whatever you are doing and how you are celebrating, I hope you have some time to some rest and downtime, that you deserve. Stay Blessed & Merry Christmas.

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