5 Ways Your Web Business Can Be Slicker Than The Competition

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Top Class Customer Service

Any website or web business that can offer exceptional customer service will stand out from its competitors instantly. Ever felt frustrated on a website, going round in loops trying to get an answer to a simple question? Sometimes you wish you could speak to an actual human, but the hassle of picking up a phone to only be put on hold can make you give up altogether. You don’t want to miss out on those customers. The chances are if you can offer an excellent customer service experience, then those customers are more likely to return and even refer your business to a friend. Word of mouth is still the most effective marketing tool out there. So why not consider adding live video streaming chat software to your website. Show the customers you are there and ready to answer any questions they may have. This type of customer service will be rewarded. 

Stand Out Imagery

Do you and your competitors have the same stock images of your products? How will you stand out if every image a customer sees is the same? Think about getting bespoke images created that not only showcase your products but can also reflect your company’s values. If you want to appeal to an urban youth market, showcase your products with some excellent street art in the background. If you are looking for a family feel, place your products into a home with soft lighting. 

Update Regularly

Your website is your shop window. Any retail outlet knows you have to update them every season. If you pass by and see the same products, day after day, their impact will fade over time until you barely notice them. If you leave it too long, it might even begin to look drab and dreary, putting customers off. The more up to date your website can be, the more faith your customers will have that you are offering them up-to-date products that are available now. 

Embed Some Rocking Social Media

Almost half of all humans on the planet make use of a social media platform, and we are spending more time than ever on them. Make sure you stay on trend by embedding social media into your website platform. By encouraging users to like, follow or subscribe, you can also keep them updated with your business latest news and product range. Make sure social media is engaging. If you’re selling fashion, while pictures of your dog might be adorable now and again, that’s not why people have followed you on Instagram. Remember your brand and reflect it in your social media. 

Test, Test and Test Again

It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole when creating a website. You and your team might have spent hours on it, and you think it reflects everything about your organisation’s values and attributes. But your team are not your target market. Ask friends and family to try it out. Tell them to be ruthless. If there is something not working well for them, the chances are it won’t be working for your customers either. You need to know this to make the website the best user experience possible. Try and find testers that are the same demographic as your customers and with any new update get them to road test it before you launch. 

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