6 of the top 4C hair influencers to follow on Instagram

Jamelia natural hair blogger

The Black Women showing us the beauty of natural hair

Instagram feature with Afrowoman Online:

Instagram has long offered people the power to connect with, learn from and grow within a variety of different beauty communities – and as the definition of beauty evolves, people are using Instagram to champion individuality and creativity rather than feel the need to conform to a single ideal of what ‘beautiful’ looks or good ‘hair’ like.

Wearing our natural hair as a sign of confidence in our own beauty, wherever we go- in the workplace or home. These women are examples of how beautiful black hair truly is.

The Black woman’s hair & beauty standard

For me these women and their pictures show that we now live in different times. We were lead to believe that white beauty was the only standard and ours wasn’t worth talking about. Seeing how these women ‘own’ their natural hair and beauty with pride, is a real inspiration. They are a growing community of women setting beauty standards for black women, that we’ve always known we’ve had. Now it’s being shown to the world. They are not seeking validation or waiting to be told they look ‘good’. The confidence in their own styles is something I applaud.

The thriving 4c hair community

One community thriving every day is the 4C hair community. There is a growing number of 4C influencers specifically connecting with others with 4C hair, to share their top tips and go-to products. The hair typing system was created in the 1990s by none other than Oprah Winfrey’s stylist Andre Walker. It classifies different hair types so you can feel empowered to choose the best stylist and care products for your hair.

Since then, the typing system has grown and evolved – which is what led to the introduction of the 4C hair type. 4C hair is delicate, densely packed and tightly coiled, giving you a head full of beautiful curls. Turn your Instagram Feed into your hair bible by following our five 4C hair influencers below to give you all the hair inspo you’ll ever need.

The hashtag #4chair already has over 700K posts under it, and it’s growing every day.

Other hashtags of interest:

4cnaturalhair (over 95K posts)

naturalhairjourney (over 1.7M posts)

4chairstyles (over 80K posts)

naturalhairgoals (over 280K posts)

Take a look at these ladies below and follow the links to their Instagram pages:


@neffyfrofro (92.1K followers)

Laila-Jean is 4C fabulous and founder of Wild Seed Botanicals, an all-natural, vegan skincare range with self-care at its core. Her Instagram page is a celebration of natural hair. She uses Highlights to invite her followers into her haircare routine – sharing videos of her hair washes, product reviews and to share honest messages about her experience with Alopecia Areata. Her Feed is also packed with tip and beauty tutorials on how she keeps her hair looking fabulous.

Jay and Tri

@Curlture (47.8K followers)

Award winning empowerment influencer Jay and Tri run Curlture, a British publication aimed at celebrating black culture and natural hair. They post a number of pictures and videos of women with natural hair, hair and skin products and tutorials to help their followers be kind to their natural curls. With a dedicated Highlights reel to natural hair, and a Feed packed full of inspirational styles and tips – Curlture is a must-follow for anyone looking to revamp their curls.


@afroglory (4,400 followers)

Shahira is a natural hair and beauty content creator who uses Instagram to share product reviews, make up looks and natural hair tips. Her Instagram page has a strong focus on what it means to be black and British and invites everyone to learn and share through reading her experiences as a Black British woman.

Jamelia Donaldson

Jamelia Donaldson natural hair blogger

@jameliaisobsessed (4,999 followers)

Jamelia is the creator of Europe’s First and Largest Natural Hair Product Discovery Box, TreasureTress. She uses Instagram to highlight her go-to products, share tips of how to care for your hair while on the move as well as keeping followers up to date on all things TreasureTress. She also speaks frequently about her experience as a young black woman starting a business – so that her followers can stand alongside TreasureTress as the brand grows.

Freddie Harrel

@freddieharrel (182K followers)

France-born, London-based lifestyle and beauty influencer Freddie Harrel is well known for her gorgeous grin and even bigger hair. She uses her spotlight to, as she puts it, ‘drive change in the beauty world’ and is a loud and proud voice for natural hair. In 2016 Freddie officially launched ‘Big Hair No Care’, a range of ethical afro hair extensions offers clip-in extensions specifically for 4C curl patterns. As her business grows with the recent launch of RadSwan, Freddie’s Instagram continues to be a place of celebration – filled with fabulous hair inspo and styles to recreate at home.

Pamela Morakinyo

@Pamelayoungmorakinyo (8.3K followers)

Pamela’s Feed is the perfect destination for healthy hair care tips for 4C hair. She shares product reviews, best practice wash tips and guidance on how to treat specific hair needs! With a Highlights dedicated to all things wash day and a feed feature a mixture of protective styles. She also shares the best all natural formulas to support 4C hair growth. Whether you want to use shea butter or ayurverdic infused oil, on Pamela’s feed you’ll find out just how to do it.

Have you started a natural hair journey? Or are you still trying to find the right style? Leave a comment below or catch-up with any of these ladies on their Instagram pages for tips.

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