Choosing the best Apps for your marketing & social media.

Apps and social media

These days we are drowning in the amount of apps available. On our phones, tablets – it’s non-stop. Whether it’s taking pictures, dating or checking your bank balance, there’s an app for it. When it comes to running your online business, growing your brand or reaching new clients, apps are an invaluable tool to help with achieving these goals.

Why should I bother using Apps?

Everyone is so busy and we can’t always expect people to go to our website straight away. There are so many places to look at content or to be told different things; so it’s only normal for any of us to feel overwhelmed by the amount of messages and content available online.

Using apps are a great way to reach people quickly or to reach new audiences who might not be on our mailing lists. Also you can flex your creative muscles by trying different fonts, colours and styles that you may not have tried before.

The Apps I recommend:

While working on Afrowoman Online, I’m always looking for new tools to help me create engaging and attractive content. Sometimes creating content while I’m on my phone – quick and easy, is what I need to do. So here’s the apps I rely on to help me do create some of my marketing and social media when I’m on the ‘go’:

Canva – for designing eye-catching memes, working with images, creating beautiful headers for social media headers, online flyers and more. Canva is so easy to use and will turn you from someone who thinks you can’t design into someone that has a lot of ideas. Here’s a few of my Canva creations:

Black woman typing on laptop video

Ripl- helping you to market your website, blog and create eye-catching content on social media. You can create videos, make images stand out with text, customise images with music, create stills or animations and more. After doing all this, Ripl will track your social media activity – likes, shares and retweets etc. All this is quick and easy on your mobile. Here’s a few of my earlier Ripl creations:

Boomerang – Yes it’s an extension of Instagram, but fantastic for creating short and fun videos. Whether you’re making a funny face or doing quick videos of your favourite smoothie recipes, Boomerang will let you film a ‘mini’ video that you can add to Instagram and other social media platforms. Here are some of the quick and fun videos I created using the app – I apologise in advance for the bunny ear!

Posted by Afrowoman Online on Sunday, April 21, 2019

So grey & miserable today- so making a little ‘sunshine’ smoothie at home: Soya milk, baby leaf spinach, blueberries, maca powder. Chopped banana is optional…. how are you starting your weekend? Whatever you’re doing, enjoy 😊 #Afrowomanonline #Thrive&Strive2019 #Afrobodybeautiful #Blackhealth #Blackwomen #Health #Blackgirlmagic #Blackhair #Blackbeauty

Posted by Afrowoman Online on Saturday, March 16, 2019

Other ideas for using these apps

All of these apps are particularly good for use at work. If you have a presentation to do, they are a good alternative to repetitive Powerpoint slides. Have the flexibility on the colours, styles, using videos and animations means you can really create something that’s a lot more eye-catching.

What skills do I need to use them?

You really can start at the beginning – you don’t have to be an expert when trying Canva, Ripl or Boomerang. I think it’s probably better if you are a complete novice as it’s a good opportunity to try different thinks and create your own design styles; all good for building your confidence.

So follow the links to each app – Canva, Ripl and Boomerang – and start creating your designs, to promote your business or profile on-line. Leave a comment below and let me know how it going:

#Afrowomanonline #Thrive&Strive #Blackwomencareers

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