Should You Share Your Political Views On Social Media?

Social media

Sharing your political views on social media can be tricky. Different points of view, especially from black women and people and other people of colour are important. However, it’s easy to alienate others if they don’t agree with your POV.

Other people may not be able to stomach your opinion if they find it ‘harsh’ or like it’s calling out an entire race/gender, and although that is their problem, you may feel torn between sharing your views and just not bothering due to the hassle it could cause. Plus, there’s always the chance that your place of work may deem your views ‘inappropriate’.

Social media and your job

When it comes to free speech and your place of work, you can post your views online and your workplace can’t take action against you unless what you post is threatening or can damage the reputation of the company. While you can post your views in the name of free speech, you may not have the right to use company-owned equipment, servers, or networks to do this. Reviewing your workplace’s social media policy can help you to figure out how far to go with your views. 

Many people are now looking to follow people who share important black, POC, and LGBTQ+ viewpoints so that they can become allies in the fight against issues such as racism, discrimination, and transphobia. However, you should only share your viewpoint if you want to, and feel comfortable doing so. Many of the questions people have are easy to Google, and the energetic drain sharing your views could have may not be worth it. 

Sharing social media sources

You may instead choose to share sources you like in order to make your viewpoints clear without having to spend too much energy. The infographic below is a great example of how you can share material online that aligns with your point of view.

credit to Norwich University

Tell me below how you share your opinions and points of view online? Are you now having open and honest conversations or debates? Or are you taking it one step at a time? Is it more difficult being a black woman trying to express her opinions online?

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