Updated: Why Black women don’t have to finish strong for any year!

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I wrote this in December 2021 but I feel like this topic, to finish strong, is something I want to talk about again. So if you didn’t read it the first time, well here it is again: I’ve seen lots of social media posts with people saying we should “finish strong” for 2021. We should be fired up, with a list of things achieved and a greater list of things to do for the coming year. I want to say that it’s ok if you feel like you just about made it to the end of the year. I’m saying it’s ok if alot of us don’t finish strong. The racism, pressures of life and the weariness of being women juggling multiple priorities makes alot of us tired. We are sometimes battle weary.

Accept where you are

I think it’s more important that we accept where we are. Whether that’s tired, jaded, starting to make progress or holding onto our joy. But whatever is said on social media, don’t try to sugar coat it. Be honest about your feelings and ‘finish’ where you are in life. The advice I’ve given myself is not to think I have to copy others. Yes I should aim to make progress with my life and plans. But no, I don’t have to keep up with others.

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So here we are – another year has ended. It was a tough year as we’re still dealing with a pandemic and the feelings of fear, anger and loss. We’re thinking about how our lives will continue, when we can’t go back to what we thought was normal. My way of dealing with this has been to hold onto everything good in my life. Those I love, the hobbies that give me joy and knowing I can always rely on my God. My advice to you is to find those things which bring joy and energy to your life and take them into 2023 (and beyond) with you.

Thank you to you

Throughout the last year alot of us have still been online – reading, writing and creating content. Above all showing our support in how we share, like and comment on content. That’s why I wanted to say thank you for all the support you continue to show for Afrowoman Online and the content I publish in this space and on social media. With busy lives and alot of other Blogs and online resources asking for your time, I appreciate you taking the time to comment and share the articles I publish here.

While I am hopeful of good things happening in the new year, no-one can deny that we live in very unpredictable times. So I wish you a fantastic new year. I hope and pray that if you don’t already – that you love and fall in love repeatedly with your beautiful, sacred and valuable Black woman’s life. Stay blessed, safe and healthy in the new year 🙂

Fall in love with your life
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