Why we have to support the adoption of black children.

PACT adopting black children

A few months ago, I was contacted by the team at PACT about the need to raise awareness for black adopters to come forward to adopt black children. It had never occurred to me that black children spend longer in the adoption system, waiting to be accepted into a good home.

Being in the conversation

This made me so sad and I realised how often us black British aren’t involved in conversations which directly affect us. I understand and acknowledge that for our parents generation, there was a need to fit in and do what society dictated. There was no choice and their voice was not heard.

But we live in different times now and we have so many opportunities to influence and use our voices.

PACT adopting black children

Who is PACT?

Parents And Children Together – PACT – has been building and strengthening families since 1911.

It is an adoption charity and family support provider which helps hundreds of families every year through outstanding adoption services and award-winning therapeutic support and inspirational community projects across London and the south of England.

PACT is one of the UK’s leading independent adoption charities, placing children with secure and loving families and supporting them with specialist therapeutic support. Their award-winning FACTS service includes counselling, Theraplay, creative art therapy and life story work which help children to overcome difficulties in childhood, adolescence and early adulthood which have resulted from early trauma and neglect. More information about PACT is available at their website.

Supporting the PACT campaign

So supporting this campaign was something I couldn’t say no to; knowing that I can help PACT to have a voice and potentially steer ‘would-be’ black parents in their direction makes me feel that I’m doing something worthwhile.

So if you have a lot of questions, what help is available about adopting a black child with PACT?

Some of the services and help they offer is as follows:

  • An adopter champion, who can share their experience and knowledge of adopting.
  • The PACT team offer specialist adoption support and therapeutic services.
  • The Adoption Support Fund is also available for the emotional and behavioural needs for children placed up to and after an adoption order is made.
  • PACT has assessed families for BME children from a wide range of backgrounds and is experienced in this type of adoption assessment, matching and placement for such families.
  • Information events – online and in-person.

And a lot more- Visit the FAQs page and the PACT website to learn more.

So if you are considering adoption, or know someone who is, please pass this information to them. The PACT team are ready to hear from you and can answer any questions you have.

Watch these videos of couples talking about adoption:

Here’s one of the PACT videos with a couple talking about their adoption journey:

More videos are available at PACT – BME Adoption page

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