Why racists will not stop us Loving our Black skin

Black woman breathing

“Brown skin, you know I love my Brown skin…” as the India Arie song says….

Another week in the U.K. and the blatant, vicious racist abuse and disrespect of Diane Abbott has reminded me of what all of us Black women face all the time. The last few days have been just draining.

I’m thinking about what we do next and I hope we’ll continue these conversations – we cannot put it down. Having true respect and equality for who we are is at the core of us having the lives we deserve.

Every shade of melanin tells a story

The racists don’t want Black people to love themselves. Loving our beautiful brown skin makes them hate us even more. Why shouldn’t we love our melanin. From pale fawn to mocha to darkest mahogany. Every shade of our Black skin carries a story.

They know that the way we love our brown skin makes us a powerful force. Just look at how the racists feel when they have a sun tan. Being a temporary shade of tan makes them feel healthier and at times stronger. So they know that our permanent deep melanated skin can only provide a feeling and a deep sense of knowing we are made of something stronger. A strength and a pride that no racist can touch or destroy.

Love and love your beautiful Black skin

Yes this latest bout of racist attacks on Diane Abbott and the reminder of the racism we all face has upset and shaken us. Some of us have been triggered. Remembering the racism we have faced or is waiting for us in workplaces and wider society is painful.

But love, love and love again your beautiful Black and brown skin. For it is an honour to wear this skin. Nothing but sheer pride to be these vibrant, beautiful Black people that we are. India Arie says it all in her song:. Stay safe & Blessed:

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