Why you need to bring out the flavour of your social media


These days social media seems to be every where. Whether it’s fashion trends, celebrities or deciding on the next place to go on holiday – social media provides a message for everyone. There are so many platforms for publishing your content. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, TikTok and Youtube are the places where there’s a world of content. Every topic is covered from hobbies like making jam to groups of people having political debate. So posting on social media is a great opportunity to connect with other and build your business.

Connecting Black women across the world

I often think that social media has become the Black woman’s best friend. Why would I say that when it seems like every human being uses it? Social media has provided connection. Knowing the obstacles us Black women have battled in the past and still push against today, we’ve built online connections with people outside of our circles. Whether it’s talking about Beyonce’s style or how we feel about Black girl magic, we can chat with women across the world. Social media has given us a way to show eachother empathy when we’re having a tough time. With these online profiles, we’re creating successful online businesses. These businesses are giving us the creative outlet and for some the earning potential we couldn’t find in the traditional places of work.

The flavour of your social media

If you follow my social media posts you’ll see the images and videos I post of food I’m preparing or smoothies I’m creating. Whether it’s a dash of cinnamon in my blueberry smoothie or some All Purpose Seasoning in my chicken, it has to be done with flavour. Us Black people know that our food tastes better when we add that ‘little something’.

When I’m creating my social media posts, I feel it’s the same. Adding your flavour to your social media is necessary for your posts to really speak to your readers. You might think this sounds funny, talking about social media like if it’s food. But think about the last time you cooked a good meal and saw the happy reaction on your family’s face. Compare this to tasting something that’s plain, needing some salt or pepper – a little flavour.

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What’s your flavour?

As previously mentioned there’s nothing worse than plain food, with no seasoning. In terms of social media, I’m thinking about those posts which give information but nothing to really engage the reader. So maybe your flavour is a little sweet. Posting happy or motivational content and putting smiles on faces is your focus. Or you like creating humorous TikTok videos and built a following. If you identify with content that’s ‘salty’, I’d describe that as your serious topics – racism, politics, social injustice. With these posts you can create movements or campaigns.

Take action when you’ve seasoned your social media

So from these points above, you can decide on the flavour you want to produce. Perhaps it’s posting inspirational videos for your sweet content. You write the that article about having a social conscience to connect with like minded people. Or you can create your Youtube video inviting your audience to join your regular live series.

With the right messaging and some planning, you can add real flavour to your social media messages to connect with followers and build your business.

Leave a comment below – how do you improve your social media? Do you have a flavour?

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