A New Month to do good things for ourselves

A new month & opportunity for you

Dear Black women Welcome to March – a new month has arrived and it’s our opportunity to do good for ourselves.

So ask yourself – what can I do for myself this month? What can I renew – by doing better or different for my life ?

I’m starting with my basics – my emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. My renewal starts like this:

  • Emotional/mental health – remembering and knowing I deserve good things on my life. Speaking positively to myself and about myself.
  • Physical– Recommitting to moving my body every day. Yes you’ve seen my videos of my trainers moving at the gym but I’m starting to understand how important it is to move my body every day. Something as simple as doing some stretches. Or going out for walk in the park – breathing in fresh air amongst the trees.
self care isn't selfish signage
Photo by Madison Inouye on Pexels.com
  • Spiritual – Spiritual practice is different for all of us and some choose to go through life without any spiritual tools. I am a believer of Jesus Christ and he gives me the faith to stay positive for my life. Reading my Bible gives me clarity and peace throughout my day. Also finding other times to hear God’s word – through songs or videos – these are things I’m re-starting for March. Sometimes allowing myself to be ‘still’, to stop thinking and doing. This also gives me opportunities to connect with my spirit.

What are you re-starting for you?

So I ask you again Ladies- what are you re-starting for you in March? Whatever you have planned for March or if you haven’t planned anything yet, I hope this Blog encourages you to re-commit to everything good that you need for you this month & going forward.

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