A Winning Smile for Business

Black women smiling

A winning smile is a phrase that we hear a lot but might not think about too deeply. However, it’s true. Your smile has a significant impact on how you fare in life and the opportunities that come your way. Whether it’s a subtle smile or a big toothy grin, a happy face will help you on your way. 

Why is a smile so important?     

A smile says a lot about a person. It’s how we figure out who is approachable and friendly. It’s a form of non-verbal communication that suggests a positive attitude and mindset. And at its basic level, a smiley face and two eyes are one of the ways we recognise our fellow humans. 

Smiles are contagious, so in business, a smile from you can help brighten your client’s or customer’s day. The more you smile, the better they will feel and smile back in return leading to better outcomes for both of you. 

Black women smiling
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Teeth or no Teeth?  

Some research says that people respond best to a broad smile, whilst others suggest it might be best not to show too many teeth. The truth is there is not going to be one universal rule. The most agreeable smile will depend on the situation and numerous other factors, like your facial structure and the other person’s experiences. 

However, the best smile will always be a genuine one. Trying to make yourself smile a certain way will appear forced and unnatural, losing the positive effects a smile can have. 

Ways to improve your teeth   

The first step to improving your teeth is to establish good dental hygiene. Get into the habit of brushing at least twice a day. It is best practice to brush after every meal to avoid stains and prevent plaque.  

You can visit an orthodontist to get regular check-ups and cleaning. They may recommend some cosmetic dental work to improve your smile. This may include braces, professional whitening or veneers, depending on the current condition of your teeth.   

Some benefits of getting porcelain dental veneers are that they offer the closest match to natural teeth and are stain-resistant. While one of the more expensive options, veneers can provide instant improvement, whereas straightening teeth with braces may take months or even years. 

Alongside treating your teeth, you can use makeup to brighten your smile. A dark purple lip shade will flatter darker skin tones, and the blue undertones will make your teeth appear whiter.   

Final thoughts  

The best way to have a winning smile is to have things to smile about. Surround yourself with people you love, who uplift and make you happy. Try and follow your dreams in business and beyond.    

Although sometimes you will go through difficult times that will make you not feel like smiling, finding joy in the small things or dedicating a bit of time each day to something that makes you laugh is a great habit to practice. Taking care of your mental health, especially as a black woman, is so important and should be your primary focus behind every smile.  

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