Dear Black Women Here’s your reminder that you deserve love too

Valentines selfcare checklist

Why self-love is more important ever – right now

I’m starting with our looks. If you follow this Blog you’ll know I’m not about the external. I’m more of a beneath the surface person – you know what’s happening in your mind, heart and emotions. It’s so important that us Black women love our skin, our hair and looks.

We know that shades of Black skin ranges from near white/very pale to the darkest brown or mahogany. Each shade brings a level of beauty, showing how Black women’s beauty is not one dimensional (insert picture). The same is found with our hair- from natural curls and waves. Or if we’re wearing a relaxed style or braids our hair sets apart our beauty. Our thick lips and broad nose. For me these features are the echoes of our ancestry. When we look at a picture of our mother or grandmother, tracing a direct line of these features.

Be proud of your achievements

Working for our own money and or building a business. No matter how junior your job might be or the stage of your career. You’ve achieved so much and deserve to be proud of yourself. Above all, you have to applaud yourself for having the resilience in dealing with set-backs.

Just because you exist

I know this may seem vain. But we really should give ourselves self-love because we can. Because we are alive, breathing and living lives that our foremothers could only have dreamed of. Many of us have overcome barriers and may still have daily challenges. But we are still showing up to do the best we can everyday with our lives and all we have. So, yes go ahead and ‘clap’ for yourself and give yourself all the love you want and deserve.

Yes, I know Valentine’s Day was last week but here’s your Digital Self-Love List – Click the Download button below to get your copy:

Enjoy using the Digital Self-Love List and let me know in the comments below if there’s anything you would add. Stay Blessed 🙂

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