Marketing & Social Media coaching: Creating your online voice

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Perhaps you have a busy career and want to understand social media better. Or you need to put together a marketing plan and don’t know where to start. Or you just want to improve your marketing & social media skills with your planning.

Create and build your online voice: Marketing & Social Media

This is all about your online voice and something I have worked on for a long-time with Afrowoman Online. Using my voice effectively online has meant I have created a solid social media following and often engage in meaningful conversations.

I know you can publish your social media and marketing messages yourself. But do you get behind with planning or find it difficult to know what to say?

So if you need help with planning your marketing and social media or just to get some clarity and focus on how to connect with the right people on social media, scroll down and read more below about how I can help you with marketing and social media coaching and planning:

How can I help you?

I can help you with the following:


  • Creating and managing marketing campaigns.
  • Themes & topics for creating your marketing material.
  • Creating messaging to reflect your business objectives.

Social media:

  • Creating and managing social media messaging to fit your business activities.
  • Highlighting and promote products, services and business activities.
  • Creating and or growing relevant following.
  • Engaging followers with relevant conversation and content.
  • Developing social media voice reflecting your personality.

My background in marketing & social media

I’m a Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing Professional – Chartered Institute of Marketing qualified. What does this mean? Well, to put it simply, I have a lot of experience working with ‘words’.

I summarise my expertise as being in:

Writing web content, Blogging, creating and managing marketing campaigns, creating marketing material and managing social media content and campaigns.

My  experience has been developed in the following industries and sectors:

  • Cultural content for Black Women – Afrowoman
  • Public and Private Health Care sectors
  • Water
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Software distribution industries

Levels of coaching & support available:

Essentials Package:

  • Coaching you on monitoring and editing written marketing content, sharing messaging on social media.

Connect package:

Some of the services available:

  • Coaching you on creating and writing marketing content, user and prospect engagement on social media.

Engage Package:

Some of the services available:

  • Coaching you on creating and writing marketing content, user and prospect engagement on social media with messaging and campaigns.
  • Focus on creating and using popular #tags, messaging to create campaigns etc.

Marketing planning – questions to think about:

1. What are the goals/aims of the marketing e.g. brand awareness, highlight product features etc.?

2. Is there a particular product or service that the marketing will need to focus on all the time or periodically?

3. What types of marketing channels are currently being used- e.g. emails, newsletters, Blogs, social media, events etc.

Social media – questions to think about

1. What are your goals/aims for social media? Brand awareness, connect with customers, make announcements
2. Are you currently using any social media channels for the brand? If so which ones?
• Twitter
• Linkedin
• Google+
• Facebook

Other points to note:

  • 4 On-line sessions starting from £150 in total
  • A marketing and/or social media plan tailored to your business
  • A package of pre-written social media messages and a marketing plan template to get you started

When we have a chat to review your marketing and social media, we can go over other in-depth points and questions.

So send an email to me today to make an appointment and we can start talking about your online plans. Chat to you soon 🙂

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