New Series: Dear Black Women: Here’s your sign that it’s time to manage Stress

Black woman in distress

Stress – just hearing the word makes me feel.. yes, stressed. It’s something we all know about but how often do we really think about it? I’ve come to realise that there are different types of stress. We’re told about the good and bad stress. Sounds funny saying good stress right? But that’s the stress we feel when we have to run for the train or tidying up the house before our mother-in-law comes to visit. This is the stress that should be short-lived. When the situation is over, then we shouldn’t have that heart thumping and sweating taking over our bodies.

Where does bad stress fit in?

So bad stress is the pro-longed feelings of worry and overwhelm that keep us rushing from one thing to the next. It’s this type of stress that is the most dangerous We never stop to ask ourselves if we are feeling ok or if that next task is necessary. But we keep on going and going.


What happens when the bad stress continues? I truly believe that tiredness, anxiety and overwhelm are all related to bad stress. Losing all perspective and hope for any part of our life can happen when bad stress takes over our lives. Recently doctors and the healthcare industry have started to recognise how stress can impact our mental, physical and emotional health. Yes, stress can affect us at a cellular level and impact our health.

How do we find ways to manage our stress?

It’s impossible to find all the answers to preventing stress in one Blog post. But this series will be looking at the common areas of stress for us Black women – our work, health and dealing with a society that doesn’t always help us to keep stress to a minimum.

Keep checking your email and social media as the other parts to this series will be coming soon. I look forward to hearing what you think about the series.

Yes, here’s your sign to start managing any stress in your life right now. Stay Blessed & well 🙂

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