New: PRO Setting Powder for Black Skin


If you’re looking for a translucent Pro Setting Powder, with a slight colour undertone, which doesn’t give black skin a white tint then look no further….. Doris Michaels has produced exactly that.

Unlike other make-up brands this Pro Setting Powder sets and gives a matt finish to your skin without changing the colour of your foundation.

It contains tiny particles so that pores, fine lines, and any other imperfections are minimised giving you a real airbrushed finished look. It’s high in silica minerals which means it really absorbs oil and moisture, and helps keep your make-up on for longer.

Two shades available:-

Neutral Warm –     Perfect for Doris Michaels skin tones ST1 up to ST5.1

DM powder 1


Neutral cool –   Perfect for Doris Michaels skin tones ST6 up to ST9

DM Powder2


 This product is so new it’s not available in the shops:

To order HD PRO Setting Powder priced at £12.49 buy online at Doris Michaels website




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