7 Marketing Tricks to keep customers coming back

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Many businesses make the mistake of focusing too much on attracting new customers instead of nurturing the customers they already have. Return customers can be the lifeblood of many industries like retail, restaurants, manufacturing and various trades. By targeting marketing efforts towards the customers you already have, you may be able to encourage them to keep on using your business. Below are just a few marketing tricks that can keep customers coming back. 

Develop a loyalty program

Loyalty programs reward customers for continuing to buy products or use a service. These rewards typically take the form of loyalty points that a customer can spend once they’ve accumulated enough (these points are usually added by scanning a loyalty card or app). Another option could include annually reducing rates for customers who are loyal and who have proved themselves to be profitable customers (as is the case with no-claims discounts). If you don’t already have a loyalty program in place, consider setting one up.

Launch a customer app

As mentioned above, an app can be used to accumulate loyalty points, which could help to encourage return customers. However, a customer app can also be used to provide other benefits such as tracking certain behaviours and helping provide personalised deals. You can also send app notifications to customers to keep them interested. Even simply having the app on their phone could encourage customers to keep using your customer by reminding them of your business every time they use their phone. There are various companies that can help you develop apps. Once you’ve created your app, make sure to encourage customers to download it. 

Invite customers to join mailing lists

Mailing lists are a great way to keep customers coming back – you can use them to send out information on new products, events and promotions. Using some of the best marketing automation software, you can even send out personalised promotions via these mailing lists. It’s important that customers join your mailing list voluntarily and that you provide an option to unsubscribe at any point. Mailing lists can include email mailing lists, SMS mailing lists or physical newsletter mailing lists. 

Advertise future deals and events

By keeping customers excited about the future of your company, you can encourage them to return. You can do this by advertising future events and future promotions. This is one of the simplest ways to keep customers coming back. Using social media, emails, flyers and posters to alert customers of these deals and events. 

Throw in freebies

Throwing in freebies with purchases can be a kind gesture that can often inspire loyalty. This could include throwing in a free drink with a takeaway meal or offering a free oil change with an MOT. Make sure that these freebies don’t negatively affect your profits too much – it’s best to only provide low value items as freebies.

Send birthday gifts

You could also consider sending gifts to customers on their birthday if you know their date of birth. Automated birthday emails are a great way to do this – these could include vouchers to spend on products or services. 

Tell customers you miss them

If a customer has not purchased anything for a while or has ended their subscription, you may be able to win them back by telling them you miss them. This could be done in the form of a single text or email and accompanied with some form of incentive to win them back such as a discount. You can use software to automatically send out these emails. 

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