Surviving the dark winter days

Autumn park benches

These cold winter days that are cold and get dark early are not easy. I was struggling today to leave the house – I’d rather stay home in my pyjamas and eat cake ! I was getting distracted, dragging my feet and looking for excuses not to get out the door. As I thought about it more and then ‘told myself off’, I knew that going to gym was a good way to boost my energy.

It always gives my mind and body a lift. Any problems getting me down or plans I have to make; a gym session always helps me to work things out.

Every Winter or Summer day is a blessing

I also thought about how easy it is to make excuses for doing good things for ourselves. We can put things off repeatedly and use distractions. Then moan that things aren’t going good – I’ve done this! I was reminded that everyday – winter or summer is a blessing and an opportunity to do something good for myself– like exercising 😅 

So, we know that Winter can feel so long and there are no surprises there! I really think we have to create our own ways to deal with these cold dark days that can affect our moods and stop us doing positive things. It might be to meet with friends, go to an exhibit or just take a walk. Whatever you do. I hope you find a way to thrive & strive in these long dark, cold days.

How are you dealing with these Winter days? Leave your comment below:

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