What Black people need right now: Happy images of us

Black women smiling

Thinking about the times we’re living in with cost of living crisis, post-pandemic job loses and sickness and racism. Yes racism and division is still so widespread and creating problems for us everywhere we turn. I was going to post something different for #Wellnesswednesday but I changed my mind. I decided to find some images of happy Black people instead.

With alot of the things I said above, it’s difficult to find anything to have any joy or happiness about. I’m not saying that we should sugar coat the difficulties we’re in or any worries. You deserve to be heard and to have your problems resolved. But we have to look for the things that will bring us joy right now.

Black couple in love

It’s more than Wellness Wednesday

Sometimes we feel like we have to wear a mask. We can’t truly be ourselves at work, around family or in wider society. I know that posting Wellness Wednesday messages or saying we have to be grateful isn’t always enough. But we have to find ways to live and be in spaces to really be ourselves and show our emotions without wearing these masks that stifle who we really are.

Black women smiling

Us Black women are sick and tired of being treated as if we don’t matter and having our talent, abilities, space and bodies disrespected. Feeling like we’re always having to prove our worth and that we’re not good enough. Yes there’s some very raw emotions to deal with.

Black woman looking up

Where do we start?

  1. How about you look at yourself? What are you good at? How you write, speak or help others? Have you overcome setbacks? Do you just love the curls in your hair or your broad nose that’s like your grandmothers? You get the theme – start with anything big or small that makes you smile.
  2. What plans do you have for your life now and the future? Think about what plans you have for today or coming soon. Is there anything you’re excited about or you just know will be good for your life? Use some time to think about that and how just knowing it will happen is filling you with joy.
  3. What thing or person is in your life that makes you smile? Is it that job you enjoy doing? Or your boyfriend or husband who really is a good person and deserves your time? If your mind is still blank, think about what you want in this area and how it will help you in future.

So take care of you Black people and while we’re in these tough times, like these pictures I hope you find some time and a way to smile about something too.

What’s making you smile? Leave a comment below

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